Furry Friends Boarding & Grooming: Where Pets Feel at Home

Furry Friends Boarding & Grooming is your one-stop location for all your pet needs.  From day care and boarding to bathing and grooming, Furry Friends Boarding & Grooming provides top-of-the-line services for your very special best friend.


Located in Payson for over 37 years , you’ll find everything you need to enhance the quality of the life of your pet.  With state-of-the-art styling equipment and plenty of room to run freely, your pet will thoroughly enjoy a visit to our facilities.


Leave Your Pet with Us
Leaving your pet is never an easy experience.  Furry Friends Boarding & Grooming 's highly trained employees make your pet’s comfort and safety their top priority. 
Who We Are
Terry Ford established Furry Friends over 30 years ago.  When Furry Friends came to life, Payson was growing and everyone was as friendly as could be.  Her customers are now close friends and for more than 30 years she has had lots of laughs and shed a few tears.  With over 40 years of grooming experience, we take extra care when grooming your pets. Each one is attended to in thier own special way. 
Our team of pet counselors keep the kennels spotless and the dogs wag their tails when they see us coming with a pocket full of treats.  We know each one by name and  we always provide them with lots of love to make their stay at Furry Friends the very best. 

Everything for Your Pet

Proper grooming is an essential part of your pet’s health and well-being.  To learn more about our services, please click below.


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Exercise - Most dogs need to get out and run around. Without exercise their sleep patterns and overall health can be affected. Older dogs or dogs with special conditions may need to not exercise as much. Dog boarding ensure that your pets get the proper amount of exercise and saves your furniture and floors.

Companionship - Dogs are pack animals by nature. If you ......have many dogs you see this all the time, if you have a single dog, you're their pack. Boarding ensures that your dog has the companionship that they are used to.

Food - Boarding ensures that your pet will be fed on a regular schedule and the proper amount especially if your pet is on a special diet. Their water bowl will always be full of fresh water just as if they were at home.

Comfort -Dog boarding provides a good space with quality bedding and ventilation that keeps your furry friend as comfortable as they can be; out of the elements and at a proper temperature.

As you can see, dog boarding can do a lot to alleviate many concerns for your pets when you have to be away for any reason. You will not have to worry about their comfort, if they're getting enough exercise, or the proper amount of food and water. We can assure you will return from your time away to a happy and healthy companion, who although they're ecstatic see you, wouldn't mind another vacation of their own again sometime in the near